History & Overview

Granite United Way, through the Capital Area Public Health Network (CAPHN) and previously through the Capital Region Community Prevention Coalition (CRCPC) and Concord Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC), has been providing support for substance misuse prevention in the region since 1999. CAPHN responds to health concerns regarding the misuse of drugs and alcohol by following a strategic process, which includes the following steps: assessment, capacity building, planning, implementation, evaluation, cultural competence, and sustainability.  CAPHN works with key stakeholders in the community to identify the root causes of substance misuse and links those risk factors to evidence-based prevention strategies.

The Substance Misuse Prevention (SMP) Network meets on a monthly basis and is comprised of key sectors of the community, including representatives from the following 6 community sectors: business, health/medical, enforcement/safety, schools/education, government, and community supports/services.

Current Strategies:

Life of an Athlete
Project Success (implemented in area schools by Second Start)
Prescription Drug DEA Takeback Day Events
Permanent Prescription Drug Takeback Boxes
Social Marketing Campaigns such as “My Life, My Quit

For more information on any of the above initiatives, please contact Cailynn Aumock at or (603) 224-2595 x312.

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